Toasted Coconut Butter

Confession: I'm a coconut addict. I'm talking like crack-head, back-alley turning-tricks-to-get-a-fix level love for coconut (...minus all the drugs and prostitution...). Although nothing beats eating fresh coconut meat (preferably straight off the tree, in Maui), coconut butter comes in at a close second for me. I only actually discovered this sweet white nectar like 2 years ago- but I'm making up for lost time real quick. 

Anyways, I basically drink the stuff (put it in my homemade chocolates, smoothies, morning tonics, and literally eat it off a spoon), so I thought it was about time to make my own! You know it's one of those things I've always been meaning to make, but just never did. Anyways- it's the easiest thing ever. One ingredient, takes less than 10 minutes to make.. you're basically a psycho if you don't get crackin' on this one! (NO PUN INTENDED- wow, golden).

Somebody pass me a spoon.

Somebody pass me a spoon.

Toasted Coconut Butter

(aka Crack in a Jar)


- Organic plain coconut flakes, shreds (about 6 cups worth, enough to heavily cover 2 large baking trays, and completely fill your food processor)



1. Turn your oven on high (like 400F), and spread coconut across two large baking trays

2. pop both trays in the oven and don't you dare walk away- because this stuff toasts heaps quickly. Check on it every minute and when the coconut starts to brown, remove the tray, give it all a big stir, and re-toast it if necessary (to get all the bits a bit toasty)

Make sure you get in as much coconut as possible into your food processor- it need enough quantity to mix properly (and become a liquid).

Make sure you get in as much coconut as possible into your food processor- it need enough quantity to mix properly (and become a liquid).

3. Put all the coconut into your food processor while still hot (good luck not spilling any in the process)

4. Blend on high until you have coconut butter! (It might require scraping down the sides once or twice). Optional: I added a pinch of sea salt to the mix.


Hot tips

1. Make sure you use enough coconut. Turning flakes, shreds, or chips into butter will significantly reduce the size of it all, so a you can see two filled trays yields one (decent sized) jar.

2. It doesn't have to be all perfectly roasted. The bottom layer of my coconut was still a bit white, all good. Your coconut butter will have depths of flavour (or something like that).

3. The key to getting a nice liquid-y butter is to blend while they are still hot. By doing this, you're taking advantage of the coconuts natural oils that come out in the heating process. You'll notice there will be a layer of coconut oil on the top of your butter once it sits in the jar for a while; stir it in or pour it out depending on how spreadable you want your butter to be.

I've ever tried making it with a high speed blender, but I have heard of success stories so give it a go. A cheaper blender probably won't work because you definitley need something with power to blend coconut into a butter. Using a blender will probably require a bit more scraping down of the sides, but you'll figure it out.

4. I've seen people say online it takes 5+ minutes of blending but TBH it takes me about one... so just keep blending until you achieve your desired level of liquidity I guess?!

5. Store at room temperature!





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