The Cosmic Giggle: 2018 Irony In All Its Glory

Vegans who think meat eaters should die.

“Liberals” who want to shut up conservatives because their opinions differ.

Medical systems that simultaneously preach for vaccinations (forced exposure to virus) and for obsessive anti-bacterial sanitation (which prevents the natural spread germs/ developing immunity).

Empowering gender fluid beings by oppressing those that aren’t.

Schooling systems that teach how to obey, not how to think.

Being "pro-life" even though a ban on abortion actually results in a higher total death count due to illegal abortions and high risk pregnancies.

Serving nutrient void and chemically riddled food in hospitals.

Pro-veganism shirts being manufactured in third world countries by slave labour.

Police officers on motorcycles giving tickets to people for driving without a seatbelt.

Covering our bodies with toxic chemicals to protect us from the sun.

Using cancer causing products to raise money to find the cure for cancer.

Cutting down trees to make paper to print the instruction manuals for air purifying machines.

Driving to the gym to walk on a treadmill.


2018, the cosmic giggle is real.

Find a way to laugh at the irony, or your brain might just explode.

Hiking in the French Alpes, July 2018.

Hiking in the French Alpes, July 2018.