Information Belongs to Life

There is no such thing as learning, there is only remembering.
— Socrates



This quote is links so many concepts floating around my little brain at the moment- and predominantly triggers this notion I love, that information/ knowledge/ wisdom doesn't belong to us... it comes through us.

People get so attached to owning their words, as if somehow they played any part in truly creating the larger concepts flowing out of their mouths. Information exists- it's out there; just because you tapped into the grid of collective consciousness and something brilliant made its way down from the heavens and out of your body doesn't make it YOURS. We are antennas for brilliance, conductors of thought.

When I write, I truly get into some weird hypnotic state, and the thoughts and words just pour out of my fingers with barely any effort. True flow. Sure, my understanding of these concepts have been cultivated over a decade of research, reading, absorbing.. but they do not belong to me.. never did, and never will. They belong to life, no different than a child does not belong to a parent, but to the cosmos.

The more I distance myself from trying to own my thoughts, the more free I feel. The freer I feel, the more wisdom flows through my mind and body. I truly believe in this up-cycle of wisdom: the less you seek to imprison and claim it, the more abundantly it will flow into your life. It’s almost as if wisdom enters places where it will not get trapped; it comes through, allows you to take its picture, and flows out back into the ether- ready to imprint itself into the mind of the next Soul. 


Life, man... what a trip.

Swimming in the clear blue water in Cinque Terre, Italy.

Swimming in the clear blue water in Cinque Terre, Italy.