What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

The body repairs and builds itself with the food you nourish it with, we’re pretty clear on that- but what about the mind? We are so quick to dismiss the impact of what we feed our minds because it's intangible. Information can’t be physically touched, but it is just as instrumental in shaping you as the food you eat.

If you eat high sugar, nutrient-void, processed crap all day long, your body becomes a wasteland and you’ll notice the effects on your physical body. It’s no different with the mind: the things you read and listen to shape the being you are becoming. Books, podcasts, music, movies, television, and even conversations- every bit of information that you expose your psyche to plants a seed, and it won’t necessarily sprout the next day… but it will at some point. It’ll keep growing into a tree, and eventually you become this collection of information you expose yourself to, a forrest of data that you collected over your lifetime.

So, what information are you exposing yourself to? Once upon a time I fell into the celebrity trap: mindlessly flipping through gossip magazines to see which movie star had been photographed without make-up at the grocery store (how the fuck is that a thing). My guilty pleasure was watching the Bachelor, and every so often get sucked into the deep, dark, Kardashian-vortex. These things matter. You don’t get away with it just because it doesn't pack on the physical pounds. Every time you expose yourself to nutrient-void-information, you essentially drop-kick your mind, sucker-punch your soul, and the twinkle in your eye gets a little more dull.

The good thing is that it works both ways, and although you can douse your brain with the satanic propaganda of main-stream media that will grow weeds of doubt and fear... you can just as easily plant seeds of truth, knowledge, and wisdom that will blossom into a life filled with love, compassion, and fulfillment. 

Only you can filter the information you expose your body to, and this applies to people as well. What kind of people are talking in your ear, and what seeds are they planting? What are you reading, and listening to? It's time to really examine your sources of information, and take charge of the seeds that are being planted in your garden.

Sunflower field on Maui, Hawai'i.

Sunflower field on Maui, Hawai'i.