Whether you were raised by angels or demons, you always have to take responsibility for reprogramming your brain from your childhood and wounds of your past. Understand no parents (or anyone in general) have all the answers, and as humans we store things that we don't know how to process at the time as energy in our body; like data to analyze later.
So whether you were over-loved or under-loved, youdevelop a craving or an aversion to something that is impermanent.
Fearing death of things you love/ yourself or fearing rejection/ the world- either way it's virtually impossible to teach a small child (and some people are never taught the concept) that "this too shall pass". These moments of stored energy will ripple into your life. Learn to release craving and aversion because both the good situations and the bad ones will eventually come to an end.
Our aches and pains don't just happen to us out of no where, especially chronic ones: foot, knee, back, neck pains. Same goes for repeated patterns in your life, like sabotaging relationships or general success, that seem beyond your control.
Reprogram -especially- your base chakra with mantras: "I release my past" "I AM safe" "I AM grounded" "I AM strong" because our entire society is structured around fear, around dependency, and around ignorance.
Just because you know now, doesn't mean you knew then. Learn to real-ease.

North Bondi sunsets, Sydney Australia.