Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Science is a paradigm in which humans interpret knowledge, but it isn't the ultimate Truth. There are infinite things impacting every single outcome, and removing something from its environment to study it scientifically automatically changes the very nature of its existence.
Science is forever growing, morphing, changing. Wisdom is going beyond what you've been told and finding your truth through experience; connecting to your higher self and knowing that ultimately you have been given every answer to any question that could possibly be asked.
As humans we are so quick to pass the responsibility of thriving onto others, maybe it's easier to blame someone else when things don't go to plan. But whether it be fitness, nutrition, or curing disease: people can only help you help yourself. Sift through the advice, the information, and make up your own mind; ask questions; don't be afraid to call bullshit.
Take responsibility for your life, because everything is within reach, you just have to open your eyes.