The Circle of Life

The circle of Life, it’s everywhere. It IS life. We’ve become so disconnected from the cyclical nature of existence. Veganism is a clear manifestation of this disconnection: forgetting the beauty in the full circle... thinking we are somehow above it.
We’ve commodified birth and death, the two sacred portals at either end of our existence, and completely disconnected ourselves from these natural processes to a degree where we’ve lost touch with nature’s cycles. Disconnection means fear, fear of dying and ultimately fear of living. It leads societies to reach for vaccines out of fear, to rely on pills out of fear. It’s what keeps someone hooked onto a breathing machine while they lay in a coma for the rest of their life... as if somehow the act of air inflating inanimate lungs is what defines living. Fear. 
Death isn’t meant to be feared, in fact it’s what gives purpose to life, it FEEDS life (both physically and in spirit). It’s the most obvious manifestation that we are all connected. Love. 

Burning wood to stay warm, in Burgundy, France.