Q&A with Siim Land

Siim Land is an author, podcast host, youtuber, public speaker, and higher performance coach. His content is driven by a desire to educate and empower high performers who want to function and feel their best. His content covers everything from nutrition, mind/ consciousness, biohacking, and what led me to discover him was his youtube videos on dry fasting. Siim is a wealth of knowledge and it’s my pleasure to get to know him a little better, and explore the world of fasting with him in this Q&A.

Thankfully, as a youtuber, he’s got a clip explaining his back-story. So before diving in, I’ll let him properly introduce himself:

Body Mind Empowerment is about improving your physical and mental performance. Self-Empowerment is becoming the greatest version of yourself.
— Siim Land

Rapid Fire

1. what time is your alarm set for?

I don’t set an alarm and wake up always naturally between 6-7 AM

2. what did you have for breakfast?

I don’t eat breakfast and do intermittent fasting but I usually ‘break my fast’ with some fermented foods and protein.

3. what are you currently working on to better your Self?

Honing my public speaking and communication skills.

4. what book do you think everyone should read?

Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. It talks about how Nazi concentration camp survivors were able to endure physical and mental suffering by simply changing their mindset about it.

5. what is your favourite way to sweat?

Lifting weights and bodybuilding.

6. who is one of your biggest inspirations?

Arnold Schwarzenegger – great story about a self-made man who revolutionized every industry he went into, starting with bodybuilding, Hollywood, and ending with business.

7. what is the last thing you purchased?

Bought some D-ribose powder.

8. what is best advice you've ever received?

Take extreme ownership over everything in your world.

9. what is something you can’t live without?

Probably sunlight

10. what does a typical dinner look like for you?

Some eggs, fish or meat with vegetables.

11. what is on your night stand?

Blue blocking glasses and smartphone on airplane mode with a blue light filter.

12. if you could only have one (for the rest of your life): chocolate, or avocado?


A Deeper Dive

1. You’ve been fasting for, 7 years now? What are some of the lessons you’ve learned along the way, and how has your relationship with fasting changed over the years?

I’ve learned to differentiate between physiological and psychological hunger. The body has a ton of energy to burn it’s just that modern eating habits condition to not use it. It also develops a lot of self-discipline and breaks addictions.


2. What is your take on sodium/ minerals in general when it comes to water fasting— necessary? Harmful? And what mineral supplementation (or not) do you recommend while water fasting?

Rarely would I do a regular water fast with just pure water. I’ll always add some electrolytes or salt. Regular sea salt or potassium chloride is great.

3. Let’s talk dry fasting. How did you discover it, and what has been your experience with dry fasting vs. water fasting?

I heard about dry fasting from Ramadan but never paid attention to it. Then I found about it from other people and some doctors. 

My experience with dry fasting has been great. I use it every once in a while to accelerate fat loss and heal. Compared to regular fasting I don’t think it’s substantially better.

4. Many people get triggered at the mention of dry fasting, why do you think this is and what words do you have for anyone who think dry fasting is dangerous?

It’s good to learn about the physiology and understand how other animals in nature naturally dry fast for long periods of time. The idea that body fat creates molecular water also makes it more reasonable. For anyone wanting to try it, do your own research before anything.

5. What has been one of the most transformational experiences of your lifetime, and how did it impact where you are today?

Starting meditation and journaling helped to become more self-aware and bring more clarity into my goals and what I want to do with my life. It’s something I always revert back to when in need of clarity.

6. What is something most people don’t know about you?

I’ve been in the military for 8 months and have a sniper certification.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What’s next for Siim?

I’m going to be at the forefront of biohacking and human optimization technologies. Both in the actual industries and covering the media content about it.

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