Q&A with Alex Beer

Alex Beer is a real life fairy. Her passion for nourishing, delicious, organic food is real- and manifests itself into the most beautiful (and delicious) raw cakes, treats, chocolate and meals I have ever had the chance of blessing my body with. I met Alex when we were both living in Sydney, Australia- we clicked straight away over our passion for real organic food, crystals, and old school hip hop... and I have had the chance not only to taste her serious amazing treats (like the raw carrot cake she surprised me with on my birthday!) but also experience her truly beautiful nature. Alex is kind, loving, playful, generous- and her gorgeous energy infuses all the products she makes (not to mention all the superfoods, herbs, adaptogens). She is not only a chef, but an alchemist and an artist.

Although I miss her physical presence dearly, I've watched Alex return to the UK and open up her own organic, plant based health food shop and café (coffee roasters, cold pressed juicery and Kombucha bar too!) called Feed The Soul. It makes my heart explode to see all her success, knowing first hand how incredible she is. It warms my heart out knowing she is out there nourishing people the way we are meant to be nourished and the planet along the way; and it is an honour to introduce you to her today (if you don't know her already!).




Rapid Fire

1. what time is your alarm set for?

I set my alarm at 6am on a weekday then make time to cuddle my lover for half an hour, and then drag myself up and out at 6:30 to get to the gym for 7. On a Sunday I really believe in having a day of rest, so I never ever set an alarm and just rise when my body is ready. So van rang between 8- 12. 


2. what did you have for breakfast?

I start my day with a hot lemon with either chorella, MSM and cayenne, or activates charcoal. Ever since working in a kitchen and starting early I have been pretty naughty and neglected breakfast. But only recently I have really tried to make the effort as I have noticed that not having that food to break your fast with causes my energy to dip a lot. These days I try to make the time to have a juice; watermelon, cucumber, greens, and mint is my fav for the summer. I might have coconut yogurt with added protein powder and maca with summer berries, nuts and seeds. I see how I feel and how hungry I am. Oh, and matcha and milk kefir is a daily must!!!!!!!! 


3. What are you currently working on to better your Self?

Making time to sit and manifest. I totally believe that when you take the time to sit and meditate on something which will help you or you feel needs to happen in your life, it happens. In the past I have practiced this and everything has just fallen into place. The universe totally has your back. 


4. What book do you think everyone should read?

I am naughty... I am not the best reader because I am very dyslexic, so I need easy to read and visual books. I love informative books about nutrition, spirituality, and holistic therapies. I am a huge David Wolfe fan so I would always recommend his books. His Eating for Beauty book was such a fun read for me. 


5. favourite way to sweat?

I love love exercising; if I was not a plant based chef I would totally be a yoga instructor or PT. I go to the gym every day, I love circuit training, jumping on boxes, TRX, kettle bells, and weights. Yoga is also big in my life, a nice flow of movement and meditation is very important to me help me connect back to my true self. 


6. who is one of your biggest inspirations?

Crumbs- this is so super hard because there are many big big people that inspire me. You know what, I have been thinking about this question over the last few days and on reflection I think that every human being can inspire me. Though there passion, rituals, organisation, dreams, and love. We have moments with people and we always go away thinking of them; surely that has some sort of effect on your life, and brings out something more from your self. 


7. what is the last thing you purchased?

Dragon herbs. Spring time longevity drops which contain: Gynostemma leaf, schizandra fruit, goji Berry, astragalus root, eleuthro root, luo Han guo fruit. 


8. best advice you've ever received?

My dad always told me growing up and still does. 

“Never give up, never give in”. 


9. something you cant live without?

Cuddles. I love them they make you feel so warm, safe and loved! 


10. what does a typical dinner look like for you?

Where I have been in the kitchen all day when I get home I like to just have something  quick, easy and simple. 

A big salad is perfect. Lots of leaves, (well dressed with olive oil, sea salt and lemon) avocado, kimchi, fried tempeh, local colourful tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, tamari fried mushrooms, activated seeds. Everything is always organic!!!!! 


11. what is on your night stand?

Himalayan salt lamp and a few crystals which I like having close to me. 


12. if you could have only one (for the rest of your life): chocolate, or avocado?

Chocolate!!!!!! I am a chocoholic. Chocolate every dam day!! 


A Deeper Dive

1. Can you walk us through your journey as a raw foodie and how you came to create not only incredibly delicious treats, but genuine works of art- was there ever a time when you couldn’t cook?

I have always cooked. My mum and nanny always made delicious food for us growing up. We never had processed foods. They were keen bakers so I always used to help them make a cake on a Sunday, and eventually got really good and sort of took over the household cooking. I fed the family every day and loved it. I always entered myself into little country shows with my baked goods. When I was older after my studies, I worked at a bakery over the summers and loved it: pumping out the tunes and making fresh breads.

After art school followed my love of baking when lived in the city of Bristol baking for a cafe and baking all the cakes and slices of all 4 stores. This was really hard work. I got so run down that I needed a more simple job so did some cooking in a cafe in my home town. While working there I began to notice all my health issues building up, especially chronic IBS pains. I went to a holistic nutritionist who told me I was highly allergic to gluten and dairy...so cheese and bread had to go out the window. The next day I remember I've never been more motivated to commit to my healing. I bought a filter for my water, when totally organic and vegan. I took this a step further still and after a while of this diet I decided to go totally raw! I felt amazing and changed my ways of preparing food. I just loved making all the raw cakes from cashew nuts, cacao butter, avocado, coconut oil. It is so fun. I got good at making cake and wanted to spread the world of healthy eating with my community. I set up a little marked stall selling caramel slices, cheese cake, chocolates. 

I was so passionate and wanted to learn more which lead me to go a work in Australia in a vegan cafe ,which was very fast paced. I learnt so much it was amazing. This is where I met you Cam and I am so happy I did so. 

I missed my home county UK so much that I knew I needed to come home back to my roots. So with this passion and knowledge me and my bro set up Feed The Soul where we serve up plant based lunches, awesome coffee and my beautiful cakes which really are my art work! 


2. What does the perfect day off look like for you?

A day off is always perfect. No alarm. Waking up and having a super long cuddle with my lover. Then doing some form of movement yoga or gym. 

Having a matcha is always a highlight. 

I live in the countryside and have the sweetest black Labrador dog so I would always want to walk around with her around the coast or in some beautiful green fields. I have to be so go-go in the week, so having a relaxing day is just perfect. Having a massage and reiki would also be a must in my day and lets not forget the chocolate! 


3. Is there a particular milestone in your life so far that you are particularly proud of, and why?

My teens was really hard. I developed an eating disorder. This took years to heal but though love and support, holistic therapies and willpower I did managed to heal myself. It still took year to get to a good healthy weight and it only been the last year I have really cracked that. Getting my periods every month and developing a getto bootie. Hehe ;) 


4. What advice do you have for someone who wants to merge their passion and their career?

Go for it. It is so rewarding, just make sure you balance life and work, and take some time out for you to heal and get inspired.

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Organic, plant based health food shop and cafe. Coffee roasters, cold pressed juicery and Kombucha bar. Open Tuesday-Saturday 9:30am-4:30pm.

Godmanstone, Dorchester DT2 7AE, UK

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