Q&A with Chloe Parsons from "Wholly Chloe"

If you're a part of the natural-living community, you've probably heard of Chloe Parsons. Through her Instagram and Blog "Wholly Chloe," this radiant mama of two is empowering and educating women across the globe to nourish and fulfill themselves so they can pursue healthy and happy lives. From foraging wild foods, to cold plunging, promoting natural movement, nutrition, and a non-toxic lifestyle, Chloe's honestly and transparency regarding her life is a total breath of fresh air.

Chloe is a registed Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a MovNat® certified trainer, and is launching "Brim Living", a self-paced online course for women covering the foundations and essentials in nutrition and healthful living, this Spring of 2018. For more information on her course and to follow her journey on social media, see the bottom of this Q&A for links to all things Chloe.

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Q&A with Chloe Parsons

Rapid Fire

    1    what time is your alarm set for?

I don't set an alarm or even have a clock in my room. I co-sleep with my one-year-old, so I'm pretty attuned to his circadian rhythm and I just wake up when he wakes up, which is around 7am. I debated for a while whether I should get up early before my kids to "be productive," but I decided that getting enough sleep is more important and benefits us all much more in the long run.


    2    what did you have for breakfast?

Today I had several scoops of tabbouleh with two pastured eggs fried in butter--I love a crispy edge with a basically-raw and runny center.


    3    what are you currently working on to better your Self?

I'm taking another month-long social media break and committing to taking two per year for the foreseeable future. Everyone has tips and strategies and protocols and advice for self-improvement, it's overwhelming. Stepping away from social media, tech, and busy-ness is my way of vetting all the BS out there and confidently taking on what's right for me.

Read more about Chloe's Social Media Break: Why and How HERE.


4    what book do you think everyone should read?

The Continuum Concept, by Jean Liedloff


    5   what is your favourite way to sweat?

I'm not dissing a good workout, but my favorite is just naked sunbathing.


    6    who is one of your biggest inspirations?

My daughter.


    7    what is the last thing you purchased?

A watermelon


    8    what is the best advice you've ever received?

You don't have to save everyone. All the good we do in the world and the ways we improve--big or small, famously or secretly--moves everyone forward and makes room for collective progress. 


    9    what is something you cant live without?

A good backpack. (To hold all the crap I can't live without.)


    10    what does a typical dinner look like for you?

I have two young kids so I have my hands full, but I also enjoy cooking. That makes dinners for us a mixture of easy-to-prepare but varied and a little adventurous (and many nights I am indebted to my Instant Pot). A typical dinner for us is any combination of well-sourced meat and vegetables cooked with healthy fats. I like to buy spice blends and meat rubs from the bulk section of the health food store as an easy way to mix things up, experiment, and add lots of flavor. 


    11    what is on your night stand?

A lamp with an amber lightbulb, two books ("Stranger in the Woods" and "The Wander Society"), a vetiver & bergamot candle, a container of Primally Pure baby powder, and two pennies I pulled out of my baby's mouth...


    12    if you could have only one (for the rest of your life): chocolate, or avocado?

Chocolate, hands down. Chocolate doesn't have that withholding finicky window of ripeness--it's just always there when I need it. Ride or die. 



A Deeper Dive

1. You recently turned 30, how has the transition been for you from your 20’s to your 30’s, and what tips do you have for people as they navigate that transition?

I love being 30 so far since so much of my 20s was figuring out who I really wanted to be and finding the courage to personify that. Now that I'm 30 I just feel deeply rooted in who I truly am, I trust myself, I don't care what people think anymore, and that makes so much of life a lot easier and more enjoyable. This isn't a tip just for turning 30 per se, but having close friends several years or a decade older than me has been important. A lot of us just have friends the same age and stage as us, and then we have family members who are older than us--mothers, aunts, grandmothers. The friendship dynamic with older women is different, and I've gleaned a lot from it. 


2. How do you feel your business/ message has changed over the past decade?

I used to be really into the fitness spheres of what I call "pop health" and "positivity grind." You know what I mean--like the "You get 0% of the results you don't work for!" type of fitspo bullshit. My understanding of being healthy was really just a combination of the right aesthetics and my ability to adhere to a strict dietary regimen from some book. The more I have evolved and the more I have actually studied and become qualified in these fields (I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner as well as a MovNat Certified Trainer), the more relaxed I have become, and the less I see nutrition and movement as compartmentalized check-boxes with strict rules. I understand the nuance and bioindividuality of my own body, which makes me respect others so much more. It tends to hold true that the less knowledgeable people are in a field, the more hyper-vigilant they tend to be in their conversion tactics. I love that the work I do is refreshing to people, it makes them understand themselves better, it helps them enjoy life in their body instead of wanting someone else's. Also I became a mother in the last four years, so that's one thing that will melt your face with perspective.


3. What is one of your greatest wishes for your children, and how are you helping them cultivate that as their mother?

My greatest wish for them is sovereignty and independence. I'd venture to say that every choice I (laboriously and fastidiously) make in my parenting is aimed in this direction, because it encapsulates everything else I hope for them. I cultivate this with intimacy and deep bonding that makes them feel secure enough to take risks, with how I speak to them, with welcoming experimentation and failure, with how I do my utmost to relinquish just a little more control each day. I'm not their master, I admit my mistakes and apologize to them. I also try to model my own independence and sovereignty. Mama's got goals. 


4. How do you balance living a “real life” while also building your business and maintaining an online presence?

I love Katy Bowman's strategy of the "Personal Mission Statement" (it's in her book Movement Matters). With a Personal Mission Statement, everything I do in my life is in alignment with my values, so it's not so necessary to compartmentalize and categorize all the areas of my life, and thus have to "balance" them. (Katy would prefer to call it "stacking.") Social media breaks have been key for me, because they give me time to really live all of this out. My online presence is in complete alignment with my real life, so I don't have to distinguish between the two. My Instagram account is a bit like my personal journal, so I pair photos I've taken with different things I'm thinking about, working through, or think might be helpful to others. I meet a lot of people in real life from Instagram, several of whom have become very close friends. If you want that kind of opportunity, then who you are online has to be the same person you're bringing out to meet people. With regard to building a business, that's where my "balancing" act is a bit in limbo. I'm at a point in my life with two young children where motherhood really is my full-time gig, and that's what I want to be most present with. I give myself lots of room to breathe and relax and get creative and grow in my business without putting a lot of pressure on myself to "make it big." I really just want to be a good mom who also helps people, not become a mega-star. I'm a household name in the one household that counts. ;)

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