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Water Fasting Tips

Block water fasting (4+ days drinking nothing but h2o) is definitely intense. As I write this, I have to date completely one extended (7 day) water fast, and the experience was so profoundly positive for me that I am sharing some tips that I believe ensured I had a successful/ positive experience. Hopefully my insights help make yours a bit easier!

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The Ultimate Guide To Breaking A Water Fast

The way you break your fast is almost in-arguably the most important part of the whole experience. Although the hard work is behind you, the next 3 days in particular are crucial for maximizing the benefits of the fast- and ensuring you build back a strong, healthy body. The autophagy process your body underwent during your water fast cleared out a lot of baddies, and left your stomach and gut as somewhat of a blank canvas. The weakest part of your immune system has been shed, you've starve down your bacteria- but now is the time to rebuild that immune resilience, as well as the stomach and gut lining, and re-introduct and re-populate your micro-biome.

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