50 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness

We are all connected. Whether you believe that on a surface level (as in, we’re all human beings working together as a family, a society, a state, country, continent, and world) or on a deeper level (as in the deep interconnectedness of the collective consciousness)- it’s impossible to deny that on some level, we are connected. My personal understanding of this concept has transformed and deepened over the years, thanks to incredible teachers, books (like THIS one), and more than anything thanks to personal experience and introspection. Doing something good for someone else feels good, and I truly believe that this is a reflection of our oneness.

Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. Seva is the ancient Indian’s path towards spiritual advancement, and there is something so truly beautiful to do good simply out of the goodness of your heart. Seva is about acting from this heart space, not for recognition, not for praise nor reward. It’s action without expecting a thank you or anything in return.

Seva, and kindness in general has a ripple effect; like throwing a rock into a pond- all actions begin to ripple wider, and wider. Most of these acts require so little effort, but by impacting even a single person positively- they will navigate the rest of the day more happily, thus continuing on this wave of positivity, and each person they come in contact will too. This is the power of the ripple, and the most evident example that to change the world you really just need to change yourself.

May these 50 ideas get you started along your path towards living a life of Seva, and please add in any other suggestions you can think of in the comments!


50 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Partake in the Dear Human Project, and write a letter to a complete stranger (Learn more HERE)

  2. Leave 5$ for the next person’s order where you get your morning hot drink/ coffee

  3. Put away your neighbours bin on garbage day

  4. Shovel the snow/ mow the lawn for your neighbour or someone in your neighbourhood who might be in need of some support/ help

  5. Write a thank you letter to someone who recently made you smile

  6. Go to the beach/ park/ forest, and pick up 3 (or more!) pieces of trash (Learn more HERE)

  7. Close your eyes, take a deep breath into your heart space, and send out the light to someone in need by exhaling it and directing the energy into their heart (near or far)

  8. Send a postcard to an old friend you’ve lost touch ve with

  9. Bake cookies and give them out to your neighbours

  10. Write a positive comment on a website or blog

  11. Sort through your clothes and donate the stuff you know it’s time to let go of

  12. Compliment someone to their boss

  13. Leave a 5 star review and comment on your favourite podcast(s)

  14. Clean your bedroom

  15. Leave a $5 bill or a loving note somewhere in the pages of a book you love at the library

  16. Smile at a stranger

  17. Donate blood

  18. Write kind messages on a handful of sticky notes and leave them in miscellaneous places

  19. Cook dinner for a loved one

  20. Babysit for a single parent, for free

  21. If you’ve experienced a specific hardship or overcome something specific- write a letter of encouragement regarding the situation and leave it for someone in the pages of a relevant (self-help type) book at the library

  22. Bake cookies and bring them to the local fire department

  23. Send a text to someone you know who is having a hard time, let them know you’re thinking of them

  24. Send a text to someone you know if generally strong to let them know you’re thinking of them

  25. Each time you get a new piece of clothing, donate an old one

  26. Send an e-mail to a teacher who has made a difference in your life and thank them

  27. Give away something you no longer use (that still has value)- for free

  28. Call your grandparent(s)

  29. Relay an overheard compliment

  30. Play board games with senior citizens at a nursing home

  31. Say thank you to the cleaning staff/ janitor when you see them

  32. Print THIS out, cut along the words to divide them (so it tears easily) and tape it up in a public place

  33. Say hello to people you cross on the street

  34. When you think something nice about someone, tell them

  35. Tape a quarter to those small kiddie toy machines

  36. Leave a positive post-it note to a fellow mama on a public change table

  37. Buy some healthy dog or cat treats and donate them to the local pet shelter

  38. Leave a jar of pennies by a wishing fountain

  39. If someone looks upset, ask them if they’re OK

  40. Leave a basket full of tennis balls at the park for dogs

  41. Share your particular skill/ knowledge with someone in need, free of charge

  42. Donate old magazines to waiting rooms instead of throwing them out

  43. Offer to walk a neighbours dog for free

  44. If you’re ever inclined to give the middle finger to someone, (begrudgingly) give them the peace sign instead

  45. Introduce two friends of yours whom you think would get along

  46. Share something you don’t actually want to share

  47. Apologize for something you did wrong, no matter how long ago it was

  48. Bring an extra pair of ear plugs on the plane and offer them to your neighbour

  49. Reply to that one email you’ve been putting off for way too long

  50. Look at someone in the eye and speak sincerely when you thank them for their service (cashier, bus driver, etc)

Please share stories of kind acts you’ve committed, or any other ideas in the comments below :)