Q&A with Cam #9: "What Do You Do?"

Q- “What do you do for a living?”

It always gets asked in my weekly Q&A’s on Instagram, in my DMs, and even in cheeky comments on my Facebook under my travel updates every so often (“you must be a trust fund kid”). But the A- is no, actually I am very much not a trust fund kid, I am a freelance writer.

And I feel compelled to say that I am not in fact a freelance writer, it is my profession. Seems like the same thing, but there really is an energetic difference between what you do and who you are. Even what you do branches out (what you do for a living, what you do for fun…), and the line does blur for me quite a bit because my ultimate goal (and, truthfully, I’m almost there) is to make a living doing what I love. Anyways, if that answers your question, sweet! If you’re keen to know a little more… read on.

Before Writing

I have worked in three main industries most of my life. The health industry in one way or another (juice bars, gyms, health stores); the travel/ hospitality industry (from age 18 I was working trips in the Caribbean and across Canada, and then again later in the British Virgin Islands); and in between the two I often gravitated towards nannying (I love little people). I always worked in fields I was passionate about, in one way or another, and so the decade prior to launching my website I was basically doing field research for all the subjects I write about (with ease) today. I always share from my own experience, and having worked in all these different fields, all across the world, allowed me to slowly gain perspective, knowledge, and eventually wisdom.

Why I Quit My Post-Grad 

In 2018 I moved back to Canada from Australia to embark on a two years masters program in holistic reproductive health, to become an HRHP and work with women to educate them about the magic of being a woman. My vision was to be a resource for women particularly in the field of pre-conception; it’s a subject that still interests me very much to this day- and is one of the driving forces for my current lifestyle: honouring my body not only for myself, but to one day pass on the best possible DNA to little one(s).

About halfway into my program, I decided to embark on a 7 day water fast (read about it HERE), which totally changed my life. It was during this fast that I built my website from scratch, and wrote my first article (about the fasting experience). At the time (while in school) I was also a part-time nanny, but I realized very quickly after launching my website that my deep love for writing had been laying dormant inside of me since university. When I started getting offers to do freelance writing work (see below), I decided that what really lit me up was writing, and so I made the difficult decision to leave the program (no regrets).

Turning Passion Into A Career

My passion for health, wellness, consciousness, cooking, travel, self-experimentation (both in the physical and metaphysical realm) led me to constantly share on social media like facebook and instagram, but now having this new platform (my website) lit my fire like never before. Social media is so fleeting; posts just disappear not only in some weird algorithm, but also suppressed down one’s own feed anytime something new is posted. This website offered me the opportunity to structure my thoughts in categories that could be accessed easily by people, and it really excited me (and still does!).

After launching the website the synchronicities of life took over, and a few different companies and people reached out, hiring me for freelance work. I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe it, to be honest. I have loved writing for as long as I can remember. English was one of my favourite classes even in elementary school. In high school I took electives like “writer’s craft” and again in university I cultivated the craft of writing not only in my political science degree (essays ranging from 10 to 40 pages), but again in picking electives that focused on the art of writing. For some reason I never put 2 and 2 together, and didn’t pursue journalism or any type of literary degree… but by launching my site it was clear to me that the written word is what makes my heart sing.

The various clients I’ve had since I took on my first freelance project in April of last year have all reached out to me.. which feels like the biggest gift. I’ve worked on a book project (not my own) that is due for publishing this year (I’ll share it when it does!), I write for blogs, other miscellaneous writing projects, and of course have written profusely for my own website. Slowly my site is becoming monetized, but I reject any of the many request by marketing or PR firms to help me monetize it “better”/ more quickly.. because I don’t want anyone interfering with my content or telling me what I should or shouldn’t do to boost views. 

Everything I share on Becoming Fully Human comes from my heart, and is written at the peak of my inspiration on that subject. I write for people, but will never let what people want influence what I write. I truly think that my passion and intuition will guide me in divine timing towards a greater audience, if that is what is meant to happen. I am not concerned about revenue when it comes to the site, because doing it rewards me with so much joy… and that is a more powerful currency than money.

So yeah! That’s what I do for income. I write.

Freelance Writing And Travel

I’ve always been a tumbleweed, and had wanderlust from a pretty young age. I had returned to Canada for my post-grad, and after leaving it and my nanny job to pursue writing, I realized that the door had opened up once again: I was free from commitments tying me to one place. So I left for Europe.

My mum is French, and so I’ve had a French passport (which helps immensely when it comes to just “moving to Europe”). In the past 3 months I’ve traveled through France, to Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, and now am in Greece where I plan on staying for a few months. Being a freelancer isn’t easy in general- it requires a lot of self-discipline… and taking the show on the road takes this challenge to a whole other level.

I haven’t figured it out perfectly yet, but it’s a learning and growing experience for me. Being in new places requires finding a groove when it comes to getting work done, accessing wifi, balancing work and play… but so far it’s worth every second of the trying times. A huge part of my website (and life passion) is travel, and so finding ways to work and explore at the same time has been nothing short of a dream.

I know that it’s not sustainable for me long term (the incessant travel + writing thing). It’s exciting, but it’s also draining, to be honest. I am about to embark on a rather big writing project and this will require some serious focus… so I am already envisioning the next step, and a little more stability travel wise (stay tuned for that!), but for now it’s flowing.

Long winded answer, but hey- that’s part of what I LOVE about this website. That instead of repeating myself many times now, I can direct people here to learn more about me, what I do, and how I got here. 

Now speaking of work, I better get to it.