Q&A with Cam #8: Adaptogens


I use multiple mushroom powders. I’m curious if there is a “too much at one time” rule of thumb? I use chaga, Cordyceps, and ashwagandha. Also using pine pollen with these powders everyday. All products amounts are being consumed by product label suggestion. I was currently using sun potion but I’m planning to switch to surthrival tinctures for chaga and pine pollen. Could i be getting to many antioxidants or anything else by taking all these everyday? My reason for these choices in products is because i do endurance events such as ironman triathlons. Thank you for such a great blog and blunt attitude. This website helps me make changes to my life that are showing amazing differences. 


Honestly when it comes to adaptogens, the priority would be to take them daily, long term. They help the body recalibrate and find homeostasis- which doesn't happen overnight. in terms of "too much" honestly, I'm inclined to say no- I've taken what I call "shamanic" doses (1 tbsp/ day) of things like pine pollen and chaga, and felt great. When it comes to recommended dosage, trust your intuition. Your body as a triathlete is not the "average" humans, to whom which recommended dosages apply. So don't get me wrong- even the recommended dose (taken daily, long term) will benefit you- but you also burn through your food stores and require more nutrients to rebuild after vigorous exercise. 

In terms of getting "too much" in comparison to exercise, I would avoid taking them RIGHT after exercise, because as you alluded to, the antioxidant effect can buffer hormetic stress of exercise. Experts actually recommend fasting for 1-2 hours post exercise to really allow the body to maximize that "good stress". So whether or not your fasting post-exercise, I'd avoid having a superfood smoothie right after training. That being said, there are two nutrients that you can take right after exercise that do have antioxidant effects but don't blunt hormesis, which are matcha, and h2 (molecular hydrogen).

I'm really glad you're enjoying the site. My biggest purpose is to remind you how intuitive and wise you are when it comes to your body. If your called to increase a dose, try it if your budget allows. 

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