Q&A with Cam #7: Male Hormones


Hi Camille,

Do you know of any books, blogs, podcasts, or any functional medicine resources I could check out on balancing male hormones? I recently took the DUTCH complete hormone test, which to no surprise, showed my hormones are really out of whack. I am seeing a functional medicine practitioner through an organization called the wellness way, but I’m also trying to do my own research and figure things out on my own. I haven't found a ton of information so far. Just from your experience and knowledge, do you have any advice or opinions on balancing hormones? 


Awesome that you're looking into it, and seeking guidance from a functional medicine practitioner and even better that your arming yourself with knowledge so you can go into it educated. I'll link you do a few people whose information I value in other realms (I haven't dived too deep into male hormone health, apart briefly in reading Dittman's Brighton Baby Book (this is it: https://amzn.to/2RZSvcr) it’s worth a read, but maybe try finding it at a library as it mostly relates to female preconception. But its solid information because the goal is to find balance/ health before conceiving so even if babies aren't on your mind, it’s a good resource.

Anyways - I don't know your level of awareness in regards to health/ hormones but check out:

  • Super basic hormones 101: 


  • This dives deeper:


  • You definitely want to understand as much as possible about testosterone:


  • Generally male hormone imbalances involve low testosterone, in which case read this:


A few relevant podcasts:



That should get you started, I hope this helps!