Q&A with Cam #5: Supplements


So I have found this product that's supposed to support hormonal balance. I came off birth control about 2 months ago after being on it for about 4 years. Coming off I really haven't noticed much side effects, other than acne. I have it on my neck and around my jawline. From what I understand, acne in these areas is caused by hormonal imbalances. Acne was the original reason I started birth control so I am not surprised that it has come back. If my hormones are out of balance I want that fixed, as well as not wanting acne for obvious reason. My diet isn't perfect, but I generally eat pretty clean. I am a regular at the gym and I get plenty of sleep. I tried to research the ingredients in this supplement, but it didn't make clear sense to me. What is your opinion on this supplement?

I have omitted the link to the specific product, because I don’t want to suggest it’s good for you specifically, but still posted this Question because the answer applies broadly to my feeling about all supplements


The ingredients all in all do look good, there’s just two things I want to say-

1- Hormonal imbalances are vast, so simply throwing a supplement at a "problem" hoping it will stick isn't necessarily the best way to go about it. Don't get me wrong, I've done it in the past (probably will again in the future) but if you want a real solution, I suggest working with a jedi functional medicine doctor that can test your hormones to see what's actually going on. things like glutathione are generally great but again, depending on your own genetic makeup, you may have methylation problems with would mean you not even benefit from supplementing glutathione in its un-methylated form. This pill is constructed for the average person, because problems like estrogen dominance are super common, but you're an individual and could be a part of the group that don't have this issue, the problem could also be metabolic in nature (not necessarily hormonal per say- just symptoms manifesting themselves hormonally)

2- I'm very weary of any pill or powder that combines multiple ingredients because you don't know which ones are and aren't serving YOU. People have a vast array of allergies and intolerances, and again: our genetic makeup dictates what we can and cannot process… this could be as simple as wasted money, but as grave as contributing to a slow build up of an ingredient that is toxic to you. This is why I personally reach for individual ingredients that my body resonates with, knowing that they can be experienced by themselves, or a combination formulated for me by a practitioner working with my own lab results.

All that being said, if you personally really resonate with this product and are drawn to it on a deep intuitive level- go for it. I trust my intuition when it comes to products I take, and check in every so often to see how I'm feeling. You gotta follow your own path, but yeah if you want to really address the root (and not waste money or risk doing harm) probably best to holler at someone who looks at root causes.

I hope this helps!