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My Experience as a Freelance Writing Digital Nomad

My experience as a full-time digital nomad, including how I got into freelance writing, why I moved to Europe, my tips for anyone wanting to freelance, the con’s of the nomad life, the visa situation, a day in the life, and much more!

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Healing A Broken Heart: The Power of Pain As A Gateway for Growth

Heartbreak is one of the deepest kinds of pain, and a transformative gateway that almost all humans undergo at least once in life. This article is a bit of a roadmap on relationships, the importance of wholeness as an individual, and practical tools I have used to help heal from the darkness of an aching heart.

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7 Day Water Fast: My Experience

Fasting has been around since the dawn of time, it is built into every religion… heck even animals do it! The most obvious times we see fasting in animals is when they are sick: there is an innate knowing that if the body needs to heal, it needs a rest from food. The science behind this is sound, and a very very basic way of looking at it is that your either growing, or repairing; digesting or resting. This is the predominant reason why in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine they don't advise having food near bed time; because your body goes into “repair mode” when you sleep, and if you've had a meal just before (or a few hours before bed)- you spend the night digesting instead of truly resting/ repairing. 

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