7 Day Water Fast: My Experience

I have wanted to do a true water fast for years, but the timing was never right/ the call was never strong enough to make it happen. Miraculously enough, things seemed to align themselves this time around. I happened to be taking an extended break from all caffeine, the kids I nanny were away in Hawaii for 10 days, and since my program at school is online- I thought to just take some time off and get my first fast in the books. Plus, we’re transitioning from winter to spring, and what better time than spring for a big deep clean of the body.

Keoneʻoʻio lava rock fields on Maui

Keoneʻoʻio lava rock fields on Maui

There are many ways to fast, and everyone seems to have an opinion about which is best/ how amazing or awful they are for your health; so let met just start off by saying DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! What works for one person doesn't mean it'll work for the next, and fasting is an extremely taxing experience on the body- so if you're already in a depleted state (hormonally, etc), you may want to focus on building your resilience before going into such a hardcore reset/ detox. Water fasting has been used to do incredible deep healing (parasites, tumours, pre-cancerous stuff, etc) but the more sick you are, the more medical supervision you need. The Herxheimer reaction is a process that happens when the “die off” of an infection, bacteria, etc, makes you feel more sick than when you started. This is extremely common during a detox and well basically you get worse before you get better. This process can be dangerous if you don’t have experience or enough strength. Furthermore, water fasting induces deep ketosis. Your body will shift from running on glucose (carbohydrates/ sugar) to running on ketones (fat), and the shift into ketosis can cause flu-like symptoms in people who are not "fat adapted" or metabolically flexible. I personally have always embarked on detoxes and protocols that I have created for myself completely unsupervised, but I am healthy and also a lunatic. I also have been intermittent fasting for years and normally consume a high-fat diet, free of refined sugars- so this process for me was not wildly out of the ordinary.



Fasting has been around since the dawn of time, it is built into every religion… heck even animals do it! The most obvious times we see fasting in animals is when they are sick: there is an innate knowing that if the body needs to heal, it needs a rest from food. The science behind this is outstanding, and a very very basic way of looking at it is that your either growing, or repairing... digesting or resting. This is the predominant reason why in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine they don't advise having food near bed time; because your body goes into “repair mode” when you sleep, and if you've had a meal just before (or a few hours before bed)- you spend the night digesting instead of truly resting/ repairing. 

Intermittent fasting has gained a lot of popularity in recent times, and this fasting mimicking diet prompts (to a lesser extent) the same benefits that a longer fast does: the autophagy process induces deep cellular repair/ detox, which reduces cancer, alzheimer’s, and parkinson's risk, increases longevity, boosts cognition, reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system, raises human growth hormone and boosts testosterone, promotes insulin and hormone sensitivity, generates stem cell production…. and in a nutshell it gives your body a chance to focus on rest/repair instead of constantly digesting/ growing. I've included many links to scientific journals, articles, podcasts are at the bottom of this post if you want more info. 

Intermittent fasting is restricting your eating to a maximum of 12 hour window each day. So at least 12 hours of the day with NOTHING but water. Anything but water “breaks” the fast (yes, even black coffee). The more you extend the fasting window, the more you benefit, but it’s truly about finding the right fit for your body and lifestyle. Some people limit their eating window to a single hour of the day- which ab-so-fucking-lutely would NOT work for me.

I’ve played with intermittent fasting for years, with more strict windows at certain times of my life when it has worked better with my lifestyle. At the moment, I IF for a minimum of 12 hours (which is said to be the minimum time to reap benefits), or as many as 18-19 hours (depending on how early I eat dinner). Usually it’s closer to the 12 hour window. A good way to look at it is intermittent fasting as the daily cleaning you do in your house (putting stuff away, sweeping, etc) whereas a block fast (4+ days) is when you deep clean the house (clean under the fridge, behind the dressers, steam clean the carpets, etc). The true “cleaning” autophagy process that happens when you fast goes much deeper during a block fast, and you give your body a true chance to heal. IF is more the maintenance, but as we know despite our efforts to maintain a clean “house” (clean body), shit always builds up. 

Getting in the swing of IF before delving into a block fast is a great way to prepare for a longer water fast, because your body becomes more hormone sensitive (i.e. the internal communication of your body’s mechanisms are more clear), and your body gets used to extended periods without insulin spikes (which happens anytime you eat or drink anything other than water). 

I could write for DAYS on the benefits of fasting, all the styles of fasting, and so on.. but there is so much information out there that this blog post would turn into a novel. So I’ll link to some great resources at the bottom of my post so you can learn more, if you wish.

My Experience

I’m going to share with you my day-to-day diary during the 7 days, but I want to pre-empt by emphasizing how healthy a lifestyle I have going into this, because my experience is a direct reflection on the state of my “house” (my body) going into the fast. My diet is 100% organic; I eat a tonne of vegetables, a moderate amount of high quality organic, pasture raised meats (+ organ meats), and a large amount of healthy fats. I do eat many carbohydrates but always in the form of vegetables (sweet potato, root vegetables) and some lower glycemic fruits. I don’t eat any refined foods, like: none. I don’t eat out. I don't drink coffee. I consume ZERO refined sugar, dairy, or gluten. The water I drink is spring water (no tap). I don't drink alcohol (maybe 2 glasses of organic wine per year). I generally exercise 6 days a week (mostly weight lifting), and in the spring/ summer/ autumn I also bicycle everywhere. I generally go to sleep at 9-930pm (7 days a week) and wake up naturally around 6am without an alarm clock. I am very carful of my exposure to artificial light and EMFs (I don't have a cellphone, I wear blue blockers at night, I have apps on my laptop to reduce blue light). I don’t use any artificial products on my body (all my body oils, shampoo/ conditioner, toothpaste, etc, are organic and made of 100% natural ingredients), and don't wear deodorant. I sauna and dry brush 4-5x week… ANYWAYS , you get the idea! There are very little toxins running through my veins, and I have done many detoxes in my life- so this water fast is something that isn’t that drastic considering my lifestyle. If you are currently eating (even occasionally) chips, pizza, are a heavy coffee drinker, drink tap water, drink alcohol, and use conventional body products- I would SERIOUSLY recommend overhauling your lifestyle before diving into a longer fast. The experience will directly reflect the state of your health going into the fast.

The only thing I changed before doing this fast is that I stopped drinking tea in the morning and consuming cacao (chocolate) aka no caffeine. I stopped drinking coffee years ago, but I was was having 1x matcha tonic per day as well as raw cacao. I actually stopped drinking my matcha at the beginning of March because I thought it would be a good time to take a break from all caffeine (cacao included); and then when I realized I had 10 days off work, that it would be a perfect time to finally give the water fasting a go. The fast itself was completely impromptu, and just happened to fit with my schedule and the fact that I had stopped caffeine about a week or two prior. I highly suggest you get all your “addictions” in check before diving into a block fast, or your withdrawal symptoms will be hectic.



I believe intention to be one of the most important things in life. Why do you do what you do? When it comes to fasting, the door opens up to many dangerous intentions. If you are drawn to fasting to lose weight or to break a habit, I highly suggest you do some deep self-work before embarking on a fast.  Fasting is a deeply healing endeavour, but having an unhealthy relationship with food, drugs, alcohol, or anything else has nothing to do with the substance, and everything to do with self-love. I only suggest fasting because you love your Self and you want to take care of your body as opposed to fasting from a place of disliking your Self. The act of fasting is the same either way, but if it is coming from a place of self-hate, I truly believe that you are setting yourself up for some deep rooted problems in the future. 

My intention with this fast were the health benefits aforementioned, preventative health care, and just checking in to see the state of my health/ body. Wise words from fasting expert/ coach and overall legend Dr. Daniel Pompa is that, “the best test to see how healthy you are, is to stop eating”. Seeing the ease in which I glided through the 7 days is definitely reassuring that I’m on the right path, and given how incredible I felt afterwards (and the plethora of scientific evidence as to the long term benefits of block fasting) I will absolutely be doing another one later this year.



Over the next 7 days I just drank (room temperature) water when I felt like it, and added a bit of sea salt as I felt necessary to help replenish minerals. The water was spring water, that I get delivered to my house 2x a month by a spring water delivery service. Generally I drank about 4-5 litres of water per day, with about 2-4 grams of sea salt scattered throughout the day (This is also how much water I drink normally in my day-to-day life).



Tap water contains chlorine (plus a plethora of other metals, neurotoxins, etc); when fasting on just water you want to make sure you are not introducing new chemicals for your body to process. Chlorine destroys healthy gut bacteria, and the stomach/ gut undergoes serious repair during a block fast- not the time you want to be exposing it to chlorine (or ever for that matter..). BY THE WAY: “Brita" is not a water filter; it removes nothing but debris, and actually increases the levels of aluminium in your water in the process. The folks at Brita are the Monsanto’s of the water filtration world. Fuck Brita


The 18L bottles of spring water I get delivered to my house bi-monthly. Code "Becoming Fully Human" will get you the first 2 bottles free.

The 18L bottles of spring water I get delivered to my house bi-monthly. Code "Becoming Fully Human" will get you the first 2 bottles free.

The company I order spring water from is called Cedar Springs, and if you’re in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, you can quote the name “BECOMING FULLY HUMAN” to get two 18Litre bottles free in your first delivery. They ship straight to your door, and you can even get them delivered in glass bottles.







Daily Journals

Day 0: Sunday

  • finished dinner at 4pm (my dinner time normally ranges from 4pm to 7pm depending on work/ life schedule, but as a regular intermittent faster, i try to have my dinners as early as possible so 4pm for me is not out of the ordinary)

  • bed 9:30pm, and slept in until 7am (which is super rare, usually I'm up before 6am

(... maybe my body intuitively knew what it was in for over the next week, ha)


Day 1: Monday

My regular Mondays look like 6AM wake up, followed by breakfast, a matcha tea, then i walk the kids i nanny to school (8:20am) and then i get to the gym around 9am where i train for 1.5 hours, followed usually by a 30 minute sauna session. I always eat breakfast/ before gym sessions, I find my lifts are weakAF and my endurance and mood are just in the dumps if i train in a fasted state. For me, IF works much better when have an early dinner as opposed to a late breakfast.

I was planning on taking the whole week of training, but as I laid in bed on night 0 (last night) my brain started ticking and I thought it would be better to smash out a workout on Day 1 to help deplete my glycogen stores, which would speed up autophagy, ketosis, etc (i.e. all the reasons why i’m fasting in the first place).

There doesn't seem to be too much information on this but i dove down the rabbit hole of a few reddit threads on fasting and apart from making intuitive sense, a few fasting “experts” (people who have done many long fasts) said they drop into ketosis much quicker with an exercise session on Day 1 of a fast- so thats what i did.


8:30am: gym

  • I was debating including some sea salt during the fast (minerals can become too depleted otherwise), and listening to the guys on that podcast emphasize the importance of using salt during prolonged fasts sealed the deal for me- so i added some sea salt in my water after the gym.

  • my gym session (upper body) was weakAF (as it normally is if i don’t eat before training), and i only did about 45 minutes before calling it quits. Squeezed in a short sauna (+dry brush) session (where I listed to a podcast about water fasting) and then came home.

12pm: still no real signs of hunger. 

1:30pm: still no hunger, but super chilly; onto my 3L of water for the day (1g of salt for the day so far)

5pm: 4th litre of water done (and 2nd g of sea salt), still cold, no hunger in sight. have watched degenerate amounts of the show Silicon Valley. Great show.

8pm: halfway though litre 5 (with another g of sea salt added). still no hunger (wtf) although I have already started dreaming about the crispy, salty, Japanese sweet potato fries that i’ll be devouring once i start chewing things again. Also I’m no longer freezing cold, which is nice (shout out to the 3 comforters I've been nestled under most of the day).


End of Day 1: honestly, today was a little TOO easy. I did spend most of the day shamelessly marathoning the shit out of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” from my bed. And it was awesome. Definitely low energy all day, weak, and pretty cold most of the day. I’ve read Day 1 is generally not too bad if you go into the fast pretty healthy, although most people describe rabid hunger by dinner time… none of that for me. Taking a deep breath going into Day 2 which seems to be collectively the worst day for people. But.. so far, so good. 8:30 bed time. see yaz tomorrow!


Day 2: Tuesday

1:30am: I woke up full of energy (5 hours of deep sleep since i went to bed so early) but it was the middle of the night so i listened to another podcast on water fasting, and then eventually got back to sleep.

5am: slept till 5am, got up to pee, went back to lay in bed and fell back asleep

7:30am: officially out of bed. it was pretty crazy, I could easily have woken up and started my day when i woke up after those 5 hours; but because I am pre-empting having low energy, I wanted to stay in bed as long as possible. At 7:30am I am still not hungry, not craving food, and feeling good.

11:30am: onto litre 3 for the day, sea salt in every litre. I feel AWESOME laying down, but as soon as I stand up my body feels super weak. Going up/down the stairs to refill my water is truly exhausting. I have a massage booked for 1:30pm and I'm slightly afraid to venture out on the subway and into the city #pray4me 

4pm: just got home from a two hour massage, and it was HEAVENLY. my Jedi masseuse used to be a bodybuilder and knows the human body on some next level. She's also like my fairy god mother and has the BEST energy; as soon as I got to her house I got a serious energy boost. Her massages destroy me (read: a bajillion bruises) but I surprisingly I felt incredible the entire time and after. No dizziness or weakness, I actually felt amaze.

7pm: just got back from a short meeting down the block, still feeling great. No hunger. body is definitely weaker than normal but no headaches or anything.

8:30pm: i’m not really tired gonna attempt to sleep though literally to kill the time. This whole experience so far is super cruise-y so long as I can pass the time and keep activity to a minimum.


End of Day 2: It appears getting outside (+being in the aura of a wonderful human) actually did me some good. I felt heaps more energetic after the massage/ getting fresh air. Day 2 was a breeze, bring on Day3!


Day 3: Wednesday

5:30am: wake up, got a solid 9 hours of sleep. Feeling rested and energized, I just actually got out of bed now at 6am and no body pain or weakness.

9am: jokes, i got up to pee and basically went back to bed until now. Going to start my day with a nice long dry brushing session to get my lymph moving and help my body get its detox-on.

11am: my first (slight) sign of hunger. nothing crazy, it wasn’t even hunger, more of a “I just kind of wish I had some delicious crispy spicy turmeric chicken wings with a side of Japanese sweet potato fries and a vat of guac in front of me”.. instead of a glass of water. I’m also doing work creating my blog (…the one you are reading this on) instead of marathoning Netflix, and I think the fact I'm not just zone’d out in NetflixLand has reminded me I'm not eating. I love food. But I also love the idea of becoming superhuman and regenerating my DNA and producing new stem cells soooo.. I’ma stick to water.  

12pm: just got my period, which I was expecting at some point during this fast. I was ambivalent at first about scheduling my first hardcore water fast to overlap with my period, but given that my cycles give me 0 issues (no PMS, no pain, no mood swings, no cravings, no energy dips, etc) I decided to embark on it anyways. Plus I’m resting & self-caring like a mofo, so it kind of fits in well.

5:30pm: i had to walk about 3km round trip to run an errand, which was definitely tiring on my mega weak body 

10pm: holy hell I’ve been in a time-warp of INSANE productivity. Like, mind = blown. I am building my website and the cognitive clarity and focus honestly reminds me of being on Adderall (….which i may or may not have dabbled in a few times to get through allnight-study-binges during university). I’ve been putting this task off for years, but especially the past few months (it was a massive 2018 goal of mine to get this site up and running). I am completely technologically un-savvy and somehow today everything is just clicking. I need to water-fast more often. I feel like I could stay up all night working, but its time to turn off my dimly-lit laptop, take my blue blockers off, and power-down for the night.

End of Day 3: Still no real signs of hunger (I do miss food occasionally, but it’s mental…not physical). More than anything I’m just fucking STOKED to eat again, but zero part of me wants to break the fast. Even with people cooking in the house, and a lot of the work I'm doing on my blog involves delicious recipes and scrolling through old food pictures, theres no temptation factor. I still have a weakened body, but much better than yesterday. Today was one of the most productive days I’ve had in months work wise, I truly cannot believe how much I’ve gotten done, and with such clarity and uninterrupted focus. Day 4- GET AT ME.


Day 4: Thursday

7am: feeling good today. I did wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and it took me a bit longer than usual to fall asleep (I normally hit the pillow and wake up the next morning), but I do feel rested and overall things are good. 

12pm: Again, the focus and clarity is out of this world. I’ve been at my computer working on my website and doing recipe development since 7am with zero distractions. I am literally looking at pictures of food, and writing about how epic and delicious the end product is, with not a second thought that I haven't consumed food in over 92 HOURS! Don’t get me wrong, I am so looking forward to getting back in the kitchen (hello CHICKEN WINGS, GUAC, SWEET POTATO FRIED, and CAROB GINGERBREAD COOKIES) but there’s zero temptation in this moment. I’m basically in some weird alternate universe. In fact, I have a meeting at 3pm and I thought about it just now and literally jumped out of my seat to glance at the time because I was legit in a time vortex and thought I might have missed it. Bananas.

8:30pm: Crazy productive day. I watched the neighbour’s 7 year old for a couple of hours this afternoon, and despite sitting most of the time… it was super exhausting physically. Next time I fast I definitely won’t make ANY social/ work commitments whatsoever, and really take it day by day. I’ve officially been fasting for 100 HOURS! Which feels absolutely fucking CRAZY! And pretty stoked to have passed the halfway mark.


End of Day 4: body is still definitely weakAF- not when i’m in bed doing work (and being productive beyond imagination, my mind is on point) but when i get up to do literally anything or leave the house, walking is a serious endeavour. Thinking on the other hand, is on fiya.


Day 5: Friday

6am: I did wake up to pee in the middle of the night and found it a little hard to fall back asleep (maybe an 45 minutes estimating), which is super uncommon for me, but seems to be happening most nights so far during the fast. It’s taking me a bit longer to fall asleep most nights and I'm usually up for a bit at some point in the night. But still clocking some serious sleep hours and always waking up feeling 100%. 

8am: decided to do a lukewarm spring water enema this morning. I am a total advocate for regular coffee enemas (I do 1-2 a week regularly) but given the water fast I decided to skip the coffee enemas (due to a super sensitive colon + the fact a small amount of caffeine can be absorbed into the blood stream). I’m really trying to avoid exposing any part of my body to anything but plain old water. I’ve read a lot about the power of helping flush out the colon during fasts, and although I do regular coffee enemas, eat a diet that supports a healthy colon, and have performed numerous colon cleanses in the past- I still feel intuitively that a slightly warm water enema will do me good. Today is the first day my body feels strong enough to actually do one, which is cool. I can definitely feel my body regaining strength (despite being on less food than ever…) the human body is SO incredible.

12:30pm: when I do anything other than sitting in bed, my body is physically exhausted. I went down into the basement to do laundry and legit had to stop on the main floor to take a rest. I had a commitment this afternoon that just cancelled on me, and I couldn't be happier because the thought of leaving the house is truly frightening. Sitting in bed I feel on top of the world, and am having another incredibly productive work day at my laptop. I feel so good sitting I feel like I could run a marathon, but as soon as I walk for a pee, am quickly reminded that I haven't consumed anything but water in 116 hours. That being said, no dizziness, no headaches, no body aches, no nothing. Just a body that feels super weak- which I can totally deal with for another few days.


End of Day 5: it’s 9:30pm and I'm pooped. Another productive day, but body is super weak. Hoping tomorrow brings a little more strength so I can make it across town for my acupuncture/ cupping appointment. Super keen to get the TCM perspective on my current fasted state.


Day 6: Saturday

6am: didn’t have the best sleep last night. Woke up around 1am and it took me at the very least 2 hours to fall back asleep. It felt like my stomach was digesting (not too sure what was going on in there…) but it perhaps was my first sign or feeling of hunger, although it wasn't really hunger or pain, just making grumbling noises and keeping me awake. I just laid there in a semi-comatic state focusing on my breath and despite checking the clock a few times, eventually fell back asleep.

8am: actually got out of bed at 8am, my body is feeling really good. As i’ve mentioned many times, the only negative “symptom” of the fast is my weakened body, but today it really does feel heaps more normal. Going to take it really easy until 2pm in hopes that I still have enough body strength to get my butt to acupuncture.

7pm: another insanely productive website-building work day. I definitely am regaining my strength. The trip to the acupuncturist was brilliant, instead of cupping they gave me a moxa treatment, which involved burning incense-like-herbs along meridians and organ channels to warm and nourish them. They also gave me shiatsu, then an accu session that focused on nourishing my chi, and finished with a facial massage to relax the jaw… *drop the mic*. It was fucking epic. Three practitioners worked on me, and had heat lamps and an electric blanket to warm me up. It was more relaxing than I can put into words. Making time for extra self-care is imperative everyday, but does wonders during a fast.


Day 7: Sunday

8:30am: Last nights sleep was a bit of a mess, woke up at like 3:30am and didn't fall back asleep until 5:30am. However I did go to sleep around 9:30pm and woke up around 8am. Today I basically feel like my normal self. Body has regained total strength (well, I lie. I wouldn't want to attempt a serious workout), but I hopped out of bed, dry brushed, changed my sheets, did laundry, made coconut yogurt, and am planning on hitting up my local organic co-op for a MASSIVE grocery haul to re-stock my fridge. I am totally awestruck that my body is basically saying “ok cool, I get it now, let’s keep going” and part of me is tempted to go past 7 days, but I am going to break the fast tonight at 4pm (the end of a full 7 days) and plan my next fast (a 4 or 5er) for next month. Since these fasts for me are purely for health and longevity purposes, I think better not over exert myself (especially on the first one), and that I will find more benefit in implementing block water fasts regularly into my lifestyle. Old more extreme me would probably have pushed and pushed but I am so incredibly proud and fulfilled with 7 days that I’m ready to re-feed, and more than anything GET BACK IN THE GYM!

12pm: sweet jesus the energy + strength is only growing by the minute. what the actual fuck! I’m in total spring cleaning mode, I’m talking sorted through all old clothes, vacuumed everything (hands and knees getting the dust from the corners of the floors), aired out blankets, did more washing. I reckon I totally could get in a decent workout today but I’m going to get groceries and get cooking instead. T-minus 4 hours until i get to EAT!! (well… drink bone broth…), so stoked.

The haul from my Day 7 grocery shop, which i carried home on my bicycle... after 165 hours without food!

The haul from my Day 7 grocery shop, which i carried home on my bicycle... after 165 hours without food!

3:30pm: ok this day just keeps getting crazier and crazier. my intention was to make my way downtown VIA subway to pick up a couple organic cold press green juices from my favourite juicery, so that i could have some easily digestible greens over the next few days… but as i walked out the door and into the sunshine i realized i really DO have the energy to move- so i took my bicycle. This might seem uninteresting to you, but almost this entire week my body has been SO weak, like as if i had done a freaky friday with a 98 year old woman. Out of nowhere all of a sudden I feel super human again. I rode downtown, got some juices, and popped into the fancy grocery store attached to the juicery. I’m talking freshly baked bread, big display cases of handmade chocolates, and all the smells coming from the café and yet nothing even remotely tempted me. I was in this twilight zone, unsure of how I had so much damn energy. I even popped into the red light therapy salon I go to and got red light therapy. Then rode back towards my hood and did the most INSANE haul of organic goodness (see pic), which got me pretty stoked to get chewing again. Then got home, made a soup, made and made beetroot kvass (#productivemuch). I feel so good, and am SO tempted to keep going, but as I mentioned above this just has me over the moon excited to see what my next fast brings. I reckon they'll get easier and easier. Anyways, t-minus 30 minutes until I crack the 7 days- mind = blown!


Breaking the 7-day fast with homemade organic beef marrow bone broth (with carrots + celery), a probiotic capsule, and a bowl of organic coconut milk kefir yogurt.

Breaking the 7-day fast with homemade organic beef marrow bone broth (with carrots + celery), a probiotic capsule, and a bowl of organic coconut milk kefir yogurt.


  • believe it or not the first thing i did wasn’t eat! After a dry brushing sesh I took a nice long shower, washed my hair (I hadn't done this with shampoo/ conditioner since before the fast) and then covered by body with coconut oil and my nails with castor oil. It felt frikken AMAZING. I didn't use any body products, toothpaste, etc, throughout the week (apart from a pump of organic face oil daily) because the skin absorbs everything and I wanted to give it a true break from processing anything.

  • after that I poured myself a big bowl of bone marrow broth that I had been simmering for the past 48 hours+ cooked some carrots and celery in it, took a cap of a multi-strain probiotic, and had a bowl of coconut milk kefir yogurt. As tempting as it might be to gorge (which it truly wasn't for me) the best thing you can do is consume not too much (stomach has shrunk) and focus on cooked and fermented foods. Time to rebuild the gut, and stomach lining, repopulate my micro-biome, and slowly ease back into my regular (uber healthy) diet.

Lessons from the experience and takeaways I will implement moving forward

Wow, where to start. 

  1. Well first of all mind blown on the absolute bad-ass meat vehicles we live in. The body’s wisdom never ceases to amaze me, and water-only fasting is the greatest way to get a first hand look at how intelligent the body truly is. My deep respect for the gift of being human grows daily, but over the past week it sky rocketed. Definitely a takeaway moving forward is trusting my intuition more than ever, and I will definitely will be resorting to shorter 1 day fasts (+ complete rest) whenever I start to feel run down/ sick because my body knows what to do.

  2. Speaking of 1 day fasts, I plan on having a 24 hour fast once a week moving forward. These longer block fasts trigger hormone sensitivity, which is basically fine tuning the communication within the body, responding to foods etc: the way it’s supposed to. It’s crucial for utilizing nutrients properly, and supporting a healthy insulin response. Fasting 1 day a week keeps that in-check, and knowing how easy the first 24 hours was, I am looking forward to giving my body one day of digestive rest a week.

  3. I am also going to implement a 4-5 day water fast once a season, as a seasonal reset for my immune system/ quarterly cleanse. I thought it would be a great idea to open this up to the BFH community, and so I created a Facebook group for those interested in staring, or the already avid water fasters- to share information, support one another, and keep each other accountable. In this group I will host block water fasts once a season (4 times a year) for anyone interested in fasting in during a time where there will be lots of online support. If you're interested in joining, you can request here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BFHwaterfastingcrew/


If you’re thinking block water fasting might be for you, make sure to read my tips for block water fasting, and check out my ultimate guide to breaking a water fast. Both can be found HERE.

That’s it folks! I would love you hear your thoughts in the comments/ your experience fasting, or if you’re planning on diving in anytime soon. Read below for links to podcasts, books, and scientific journals to learn more about the wonderful world of water-only fasting.


Additional Resources To Dive Deeper


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7. Healthy Moms Podcast by Wellness Mama Episode 134: Five Benefits of Fasting, Autophagy, Diet Variation & Cellular Healing; with Dr. Daniel Pompa




1. Wellness Mama “My Experience With Water Fasting & Why I’ll Do It Again” 


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3. Dr. Daniel Pompa "Testimonies on Water Fasting"




  1. The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Aging, Fight Disease, and Optimize Weight by Valter Longo

  2. The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung

  3. Fasting: An Exceptional Human Experience by Randi Fredricks