The Most Epic Chaga Cold Brew, Bruh.

Despite being an avid coffee drinker in the past, I have completely ditched the caffeinated version of coffee. I still love the smell and taste of coffee, so I devised this recipe to occasionally enjoy the drink, without the whole-body assault that a regular coffee will undoubtably inflict.

Chaga mushroom growing wild in Northern Ontario, Canada

Chaga mushroom growing wild in Northern Ontario, Canada

One of the problems with coffee is how acidic it is, and this way of “brewing” your coffee drastically reduces the acidity of your cup o’ joe. The acidity occurs when the beans come in contact with the hot water, and as you'll see in this recipe, the coffee is extracted from the beans by letting them sit for 24-48 hours in water (also known as “cold drip”). You can totally heat up your cold drip once you’ve discarded the beans, to have a warm coffee without adding to the acidity of the drink.  Cold brewing is heaps better for your gut, stomach, and your digestion overall. 

Freshly harvested wild chaga drying in the sun after being cleansed in the lake.

Freshly harvested wild chaga drying in the sun after being cleansed in the lake.

Decaf is less damaging to the nervous system, adrenals, and hormones in general, so if I do opt for a coffee these days, it’s without a doubt decaf. If you're going for caffeine, vow to use organic beans because as one of the most sprayed crops, coffee isn't only guilty of being a pesticide riddled shitstorm, it also contains mycotoxins (which are linked to autoimmune issues).

And finally, using wild Chaga as the base for your cold brew gives your coffee an amazing taste but also packs a medicinal punch (DNA repair, immune boosting, anti fungal).



  • a couple of chunks of sustainably harvested wild Chaga mushroom (I foraged my own in Northern Ontario, but you can also buy some online)

  • 2-3 heaped tables spoons of organic coffee or organic swiss-water decaf




1- Boil the pieces of wild Chaga in a large pot of spring water (to extract the water soluble medicinal benefits you want to simmer for at least 30 mins in a non metallic pot, but I prefer simmering them for 24 hours on low in a slow cooker.)
2- Cool the chaga tea completely in the fridge in a large, glass mason jar.
3- Add in 2-3 heaped tablespoons of organic coffee grinds (I used decaffeinated beans, which underwent the Swiss Water method- aka removes 99.9% of caffeine from the beans without toxins, using only water. Most decaf methods are highly toxic.)
4- Put the jar back in fridge for 24-48 hours, then strain the coffee grinds out of the jar.



Hot tip: if you're drinking coffee every morning, have label mason jars in your fridge so that you can have rotating brews ready to go. Since the coffee needs to sit 1-2 days before it extracts, you want to make sure you have them ready ahead of time (ain’t no way to fast track the cold brew process bruh).