Since summer has hit the city, these have been my go-to breakfast... seriously! Two fudgesicles for breakfast? You better believe it! These popsicles are truly the perfect breakfast. Full of healthy fats, adaptogens, and collagen.. and needless to say, they taste in-credible.

This recipe was created as an after-thought from my chocolate broth-sicle recipe (get it HERE), when I realized that swapping the broth for coconut cream and more avocado would really nail the fudgesicle taste. Fudgesicles were my fav as a kid, and these are honestly even better!




- 3-5 organic avocados (depending on size. I generally use about 4-5 small ones)

- 4 scoops of grass fed collagen (about 50 grams)

-1/4 cup organic raw cacao powder

- 1/8 cup organic roasted carob powder

 - 2 tbsp of wildcrafted pine pollen (learn more HERE)

- 2 tsp organic mucuna pruriens powder (I use THIS one)

- 2 tsp wildcrafted reishi powder (I use THIS one)

- 1 tsp organic ceylon cinnamon

- pinch of sea salt

- about 1/4 cup organic coconut cream + a little liquid from the coconut cream can (see tips for more info on this) OR about 1/2 a cup of organic coconut yogurt or coconut kefir

- optional: wildcrafted honey, to taste



1. Put all ingredients except for the coconut cream liquid into a food processor. If you are using coconut yogurt/ coconut kefir, you can put all the ingredients into the food processor straight away.

2. Start to blend, and then add in the liquid of the coconut cream as the mixture blends. You will only need about 1/3 cup (max) of liquid- just enough to give the mixture a smooth creamy texture. Scrape down the sides and mix again, as needed.

3. Using a spoon, scoop the mixture into popsicle moulds, making sure you get rid of any air pockets

4. Insert wooden popsicle sticks

5. Freeze until frozen (a couple of hours), and enjoy!


1. If you are using coconut cream, opt for a can of BPA-free, organic coconut cream with no added thickeners or sweeteners (ingredients should just say coconut). Coconut milk will work, but not as well (cream really makes the pops much fudgier). When you open the can, the mixture is divided into a thick cream on the top, and liquid below the surface; take 1/4 cup of the thick cream (without mixing the liquid/ cream), and then use liquid from the bottom to add in progressively as the food processor is mixing, to smooth out the texture. 

2. Instead of using the coconut cream/ liquid, you can use your favourite coconut yogurt or coconut kefir yogurt, just omit the coconut cream all together and put in about 1/2 a cup of the yogurt. Opt for a yogurt with no fillers or preservatives- ingredients should list only coconut and active cultures (probiotics). 

The fudgesicle mixture makes for an EPIC pudding as well, store extra in the fridge and eat it cold, or just refill the popsicle moulds once the first batch are eaten.

The fudgesicle mixture makes for an EPIC pudding as well, store extra in the fridge and eat it cold, or just refill the popsicle moulds once the first batch are eaten.

3. You can store excess fudgesicle mixture in the fridge and re-fill the moulds once the first batch has frozen; or you can just refrigerate and eat the chocolate avocado mixture as a pudding.

4. I do not add any sweetener to my fudgesicles, and find them absolutely PERFECT! The coconut cream is naturally sweet, but if you're using coconut yogurt, you may want to add a drizzle of raw honey (since the fermentation process "eats" the sugars). If these are for kids or someone with a sweet tooth you might also want to add the honey (or maple syrup, or a couple of soaked medjool dates).

5. The adaptogens (pine pollen, mucuna, and reishi) are totally optional, and you can substitute any of your favs. I put in as much quantity wise as I can without forgoing the classic fudgesicle taste. I often make them with chaga mushroom too- which has a very powerful taste, so I usually only put 1.5 tsp of chaga. Other goodies: rhodiola, he shou wu, euccomia bark, cordyceps, lions mane, ashwagandha, and turkey tail.