dear human project

When is the last time you acted purely out of  seva  (selfless service)?

When is the last time you acted purely out of seva (selfless service)?


The Project

is simple: Write (at least) one letter, filled with words of love, compassion, wisdom, and insight... and give this letter to a complete stranger. 


The Intention

is pure: We are all connected. But somewhere down the line our society began to pit us against one another. Too often we chose fear over love; we fear rejection, or failure, we fear and we create distance between our fellow humans. Through fear we are conditioned to give only if given something in return.

Let us break down the walls and remember that fundamentally we are all souls, sharing this weird human experience together. Put pencil to paper and let love flow from your heart, share some wisdom and help inspire a complete stranger, expecting nothing in return. Choose love. 


last few words... 

- do use the intro "Dear Human,"

- sign the letter either with your real first name, or an alias

- do mention #dearhumanproject as well as @dearhumanproject on Instagram and 

... perhaps on the back or at the bottom of the letter (so people can understand the mission and continue to spread the l o v e).

- do write from the heart

- and if so inclined, do e-mail us a copy of the letter you receive + your own words on how the letter impacted your day/ week/ life, so we can post stories that make people smile, and inspire others to keep spreading the love. You can also share a picture of your letter with us/ on social media, and help inspire others to join the DHP mission. Tag us, share pictures, share the love.

E-mail contact for this project is [email protected].


With love and light,