Life is Cyclical

Life is cyclical, it's built into every modality of holistic healing- and ripples into every aspect of nature. Daily cycles (circadian), monthly (tidal), yearly (seasonal). As women, we have built in cycles each month that give us clear insight into our hormonal health and are a fundamental pillar for our general wellbeing. Hormonal based contraceptives are striping us of this gift, the incredible window we have into our bodies.

When I was younger, taking the pill was a no brainer, and in fact is often laced with a certain notion of female empowerment by taking control of ones body/ fertility... Which is complete #BULLSHIT.

The pill fabricates a fake period, and completely disconnects us from all natural aspects of our cyclical emotions, intuitions, and the power that comes from being so deeply connected to our bodies and the planet. The pill effectively turns us into machines: disconnected, and infertile. Did you know that it can take years to return to a regular cycle after coming off the pill? And that even a seemingly "regular" cycle might actually be n infertile one?

I was raised to fear this experience, to feel shame about this cycle and deep fear about pregnancy; we are programming our subconscious to feel shame and fear about the most incredible gift we have been given as women. This cycle, these hormones, and all of the emotions associated with it are the tools and mechanisms associated with being a portal for LIFE.

A problematic menstruation is a signal of a health issue, not of a period issue. You shouldn't be on a monthly roller coaster ride if your body is thriving. Using the pill as a mask for other issues (acne, endometriosis, pcos, cramps, mood swings, etc) is criminal; and coming off of it will flood you with these problems (often worsened).

Your period is a health meter, not a problem in of itself. All forms of hormonal contraceptives are bandaids, and blindfolds.Your body is speaking to you, learn to listen. Learn to observe your body experiencing all aspects of this human life; how you're responding to life in its natural cyclical nature, and using any unfavourable signs as information into thriving. Take back your power. What a gift it is to be a woman.


Swimming is ocean rock pools at the end of the Hoapili lava rock trail, on Maui, Hawaii.

Swimming is ocean rock pools at the end of the Hoapili lava rock trail, on Maui, Hawaii.