About me

Freedom. Hiking atop the Waihe'e Ridge on Maui, Hawaii.

Freedom. Hiking atop the Waihe'e Ridge on Maui, Hawaii.

Hello! I'm Cam, and am 28 years into this incarnation.

I graduated in 2013 from the university of McGill in Montréal, Canada with a double major in political science and international development. Realizing that I wanted nothing to do with the world of politics, I decided to get some perspective (and sun) in the British Virgin Islands, where I had the opportunity to work and live in total paradise. In 2015 I got restless yet again, and booked a one-way ticket to Australia. It was in the land down under that I truly found alignment with my higher Self. Managing a health store and living in Bondi Beach, I was determined to truly explore what it meant to be human. I embarked on every possible mind and body detox I could conjure up, and took a deep dive inwards to explore my life through meditation and plant medicines. I left Australia for a 3-month stint living and working on an off-the-grid organic farm on Maui before returning to Toronto, Canada to pursue a 2 year post-grad degree in Holistic Reproductive Health.

It was in recent years that my passion for helping people thrive, my awe of the female body and reproductive system, and working through my own health challenges that I realized I wanted to (eventually) work as a preconception health coach; helping women prepare their mind, body, and soul for the magical experience of bringing a life onto this planet. Not only achieving pregnancy naturally (which is becoming more and more difficult in today’s world), but also optimizing preconception health to give new babies the gift of developing in the best possible environment. I also want to help educate girls and women about their bodies, menstrual health, hormones, and encourage a shift the taboo that currently surrounds women's bodies and sexuality. I want women all around the globe to embrace their bodies, love their periods, and glow from the inside out.

I launched this website in March of 2018, about 6 months into my post-grad, and within 6 months of that— my writing career basically blew up. I was offered a position to help ghostwrite a book on fasting (the functional medicine practitioner read my 7 day water fasting experience, and my guide on how to break a fast) and from there I was hired on to do all the recipes, among other parts of the book. From there more freelance writing gigs began rolling in, and I fell back in love with writing (a passion I have has from a young age).

In late 2018 I made the decision to pause my schooling indefinitely. I was almost through the educational aspect of the course (the knowledge) and was about to move into the practical (working with clients), but I felt so strongly that my heart was calling me to write. I woke up in the morning excited to write, and I truly believe that when the heart has a calling, you have to listen.

I decided to pursue freelance writing full time in November of 2018, and simultaneously moved to Europe. I’ve been living a nomadic life since then, travelling through France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Greece, Italy, Spain and Morocco. You can read about my travels and check out some of my healthy travel guides here on the site.

My blog is for everyone. The young, the old, men and women, the sick and the super healthy- anyone who is on the path to bettering themselves. We have as a collective society set the bar for existence so incredibly low. I believe that there are no limitations to how good you can feel, and that you are worthy of experiencing a life of True wellbeing. Although the quest to become fully human is ultimately a solo endeavour, my hope is that my path may in some way inspire yours.


My Ethos

The past 6+ years have sent me on a whirlwind of travel, both across the globe but also into a deep exploration into my Self. I have transformed my life, my priorities, and the way I experience the world. As I learn and grow as a human being, it has always felt right to share my insights and experiences in hopes of inspiring others to reclaim their health, their power, and thrive. One of my favourite concepts is that of standing on shoulders of giants, and the idea that together we can raise each other up. My blog is very much about my personal experiences, and I do fundamentally believe that we are each on our own unique individual path; my hope is that you read my words with a critical mind, and always use your divine human intuition before taking on advice from me- or from anyone else. I am not here to tell you what to do, quite the opposite. I want you to take back your power, to take charge of your own life. I want you to trust and follow your intuition, and take responsibility for your existence. I am here to share with you what worked for me, and for you to use me as a resource—only if the information resonates with you.


Love + Light,


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I look forward to interacting with you on this platform, I am so grateful to be a part of your journey. To get in touch, you can contact me on Instragram @camillejulia or VIA e-mail at [email protected]