Cauliflower "Rice"

Ok I’m going to be honest: this ain’t rice. I actually find the whole calling-grated-cauliflower-rice-thing pretty weird, but it is what it is! I personally am very conscious of my blood sugar, and so rice just ain’t in the books for me. But cauliflower however is a total win!

Cauliflower Rice


  • 1 head of organic cauliflower


  1. To get the cauliflower into “rice” form, you can either grate it using a handheld grater, or the grating fixture you install in a food processor. I personally suggest option no. 2 because it’s super easy, and less messy.

  2. That’s technically it. From there you can cook it anyway you like, but probably the best tasting (if you’re having it as a separate dish) is to cook it on a pan, with some organic olive or coconut oil, and whichever seasonings you prefer (like turmeric, coconut aminos, and paprika). You can also use it in a dish, like to bulk up a soup (just add it in), or replace it in any rice-based recipe (see my modified kitchari recipe HERE). Note that if you’re making cauliflower crust pizza, there is a separate process (that involves steaming the cauliflower, and straining it #hardcore of any liquid, before using it!)


- Camille